2020 - 2021 Calendar At a Glance



Aug 8                        Fall Dance Season Begins

Aug 24                      Cobb Early Release-Studio Open


Sept 1                       YAGP Comp fees due and other                                                     Competition Deposits due

Sept 7                       Labor Day- Studio Closed

Sept 12                     Christmas /Fall Show rehearsals begin

Sept 28-Oct 2           Fall Break- Studio Closed


Oct 1                         Christmas /Fall Show Fee due           

Oct 19                       Cobb Early Release- Studio Open


Nov 1                        Recital Costume/Production Fees,

                                 UBC Balances due

Nov 3                        Studio IS Open (Cobb Student Holiday)

Nov TBD                   Christmas/Fall Show – Murray Arts Center

Nov 23-28                 Thanksgiving Break- Studio Closed


Dec 1                        24/7 Comp balance due,

                                  KSU Festival Fee due

Dec 5                        Winter Show rehearsals begin

Dec 17-18                 Cobb Early Release-Studio Open

Dec 21 – Jan 2          Christmas Break- Studio Closed


Jan 4                          Studio Opens After Break

Jan 18                        Studio IS open (MLK Holiday)

Jan 16-17                   YAGP Ballet Competition

Jan 29-31                   NYCDA Competition - Nashville

Jan TBD                     Winter Show- Murray Arts Center


Feb 15-20                  Cobb Winter Break- Studio Closed

Feb 26                       Dress Rehearsal - Snow White

Feb 27                       Snow White 3pm and 6pm @

                                  Roswell Cultural Arts Center


Mar TBD                    Dance Photography with Keiko Guest

Mar 5-7                      NYCDA- Dance Competition - Atlanta

March 5-7                  Universal Ballet Competition - Atlanta

Mar 8                         Cobb Early Release- Studio Open

Mar 26-28                  24/7 Dance Competition and Convention 


Apr 5-10                    Cobb Spring Break- Studio Closed


May TBD                    Recital- Murray Arts Center

May TBD                    Ballet SouthEast Showcase

May 28                       Last day of classes

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