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Please observe the following:
It is important to remember any dancer that has been diagnosed with Covid-19, have exhibited symptoms of Covid-19, or had contact with a person that has or is suspected to have Covid-19 within the past 14 days, may not enter the studio.  

1. Entering and exiting the building

         * Use the provided hand sanitizer as you enter and exit the building.

2. Common Areas

         * Hand sanitizer will be available in all the common areas.

2. Dancing

         a. Dancers should take their dance bags into the studio (or follow the instructor's direction for                   placement of dance bags).        

         b. All dressing rooms will be closed, so please come fully dressed and ready to dance.

2. Water

         a. The water fountains will NOT be available for dancers. Dancers must bring their own water                   bottle. Instructors will have water bottles available in an emergency.

3. Parents and siblings

         a. Leap N Learn and K/1 parents may escort their dancers into the studio.

         b. Parents and siblings will NOT be allowed to remain in the building to wait for their  


         b. Dancers - Grades 2 - 12th, please enter the building and proceed to class.

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