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Andrea Knowlton

Andrea Knowlton is a Choreographer, Educator, and the Artistic Director of DANCE AEGIS, a movement based creative platform. She creates for both stage and screen in concert and commercial realms. Her work often integrates dance with film, media, and interactive technology. She is currently researching the relationship between dance and artificial intelligence through a National Science Foundation grant. She has presented choreography in venues all over New York City, and Los Angeles. Her dance films and music videos have received national and international screenings. Knowlton's focus as an artist is on process, collaboration, and interdisciplinary conversation. In addition to her creative work on the stage and screen, Knowlton is a passionate dance educator teaching courses in Modern Dance Technique with a focus on release technique, floorwork, and use of breath. She also teaches Dance for Camera, Choreography, and Improvisation. She has taught at Pasadena City College, California Institute of the Arts, CSU Long Beach, and is an Associate Professor at Kennesaw State University’s Department of Dance.  

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