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Pre-Professional Path:
Grades K/1

The Grade K/1 Pre-Professional Path requires 2.5 hours per week.


*Two one hour K/1 Ballet classes of your choice

*One K/1 Jazz Class

Summer 2022 : 

Recommended: One week half day AABD Intensive Camp or 6-week AABD summer Session.


This level of classical ballet begins to teach the regimen of a traditional classical ballet class while continuing the developmental and age-appropriate curriculum from the AABD Licensed Leap N Program. Dancer will learn technical skills, developmental skills as well as problem solving and working with a group of social peers. A Jazz class is introduced as an additional genre.

Students will slowly begin to learn the regimen of a traditional ballet class facing the barre and concentrating on proper body alignment, strength of the feet, and musicality. Center work to include stretching, turning, and allegro, improvisation and classroom etiquette.


No discounted fee

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Please email the office if you are interested in pursing the Pre-Professional Path at AABD 

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