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DRESS CODE 2024-2025
All Students are Required to Follow

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Level 1 (Grades K - 1st)
  • Ladies Ballet:

    • Leotard: Uniform Leotard - One Leotard is included with registration

    • Tights: Body Wrappers Style C45 Back Seam Convertible Foot Mesh (Theatrical Pink) or skin tone tights.

    • Shoes: Pink split-sole leather or skin tone (if wearing skin tone tights). No canvas shoes.

    • Hair: Hair must be pulled back in a ballet bun or secured completely to the head.

  • Gentlemen Ballet:

    • Shirt: Crew Neck Shirt Short Sleeve Dance Top - Body Wrappers Style B190 or B400 white fitted t-shirt - One Shirt is included with registration.

    • Tights: Body Wrappers Style B90 black tights

    • Dance Belt: Dance belt

    • Shoes: Black canvas ballet shoes

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  • Ladies Jazz

    • Leotard: Uniform Leotard

    • Tights: Body Wrappers Style C45 Back Seam Convertible Foot Mesh (Theatrical Pink) or skin tone or black convertible tights

    • Jazz Shoes: Black slip-on jazz shoes

  • Gentlemen Jazz:

    • Shirt: Solid colored T-shirt

    • Tights: Convertible black tights or black jazz pants

    • Dance Belt: Dance belt

    • Jazz Shoes: Black slip on jazz shoes


  • Hair must be pulled back in a bun (with matching hair net, no bun covers) bangs secured off the face for Ballet.  Ponytails are allowed in other genres (NOT BALLET) but can be dangerous if hair whips in the face. Please make sure all hair decor is securely fastened to the head.

  • No jewelry, stud earrings only.

  • Students must put their names on all dance wear and shoes.

  • Cover-ups are to be worn outside studio, please do not come in just your dance clothes and NEVER wear your dance shoes outside!

  • Solid color leotard (no halters, zippers, or adornments) may be worn on Saturdays for Grades 6 and above).

  • Studio Hip Hop Shoes may NOT be worn outside and No black soles as they leave marks on the dance floors.

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