Studio Rehearsals

Some of the groups will have a set schedule and some will change weekly depending on what needs to be learned. For the older dancers, it is impossible to set weekly rehearsals since they have so much to complete. Please plan on every Saturday afternoon rehearsal from beginning of January through the show date. We will not have need every week, but I do not know which weeks at this point.

Saturday Rehearsal - Watch for weekly emails for details 


Thursday - February 25, 2021 (In Studio)

(K/1, 2/3, 4/5 - no rehearsal)

Grades 6 & up, Ballet Academy 5:00 - 8:00pm.

If you have a class scheduled during this rehearsal time, you need to make up this class. You may do so at anytime.

Dress Rehearsal (at Theater)        

                                                   Friday, February 26, 2021



   * All dancers - please arrive at Theater - dressed in pink tights, and warm up leotards with hair and make-up complete, except lipstick. 

   *  Dancers are to be dropped off at the side entrance door. As you face the building, left side of the door (look for the sign)

   * Dancers must submit a COVID-19 Health Check Google Form for Friday and Saturday.

     Print form out or have it available on your phone. You will receive an email with your

     responses (check your spam folder if you do not see it).

     Please use this link: COVID-19 Health Check Google Form

   *  Dancers and Staff will have their temperature taken at the door prior to entry   

   *  Masks are required at all times inside the venue 

   *  Dancers will exit this same door they entered. 

   *  Dancers may not enter or exit through the lobby

   *  Parents will not be allowed in the building

* Arrival Times:

       Ballet Academy 3:45 pm

       Grades 6 and up 4:00 pm 

       Grades 4/5 4:00 pm

       Grades K/1 4:15 pm

       Grades 2/3  4:15 pm

* Warm up for all dancers Grades 6 and up 4:15 - 4:45 pm

* Dress Rehearsal 4:45 - 8:00 pm 

* Pickup Time

        Grades K/1, 2/3 and 4/5 will be released as soon as their rehearsal is complete at approximately 6:15 pm

         All other dancers dismissed at approximately 8:00 pm.


Other Important items to know:

*   All dancers and volunteers MUST wear a mask at all times in all areas of the building. Dancers do not have to wear masks while performing at this time, BUT that is subject to change. In the event masks will be required for performing, “Nude” color masks will be needed. They can be purchased at DanceMax Dance Wear on Canton Rd. in Marietta. 

*   NO FOOD or DRINKS (except water) allowed in dressing rooms or lobby. We will find a spot in the hallways to have snacks between shows. 

*   Keep rooms clean and tidy. Please leave rooms better than when you arrived.

*   Younger dancers, please bring some quiet games to play with your friends.

*   ALL DANCERS must label ALL their belongings, including leotards, tights, and shoes..

*   No large rolling bags or oversized suitcases in the dressing rooms.

*   No undergarments are to be worn under tights or costumes of any age level.

*   NO parents in dressing rooms or backstage unless signed up to chaperone during a scheduled show.