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Pre-Professional Path:
Level 8 
High School & A
dvanced Middle School Ballet Academy

Admission to the Pre-Professional Ballet Academy is by audition only. Students must be rising 6th grade or above to audition. The Academy is designed for the student seeking a professional ballet career and/or admission to a college dance program. Auditions are held in the spring of each year. Please email for information after the audition date.


5 days per week - 15 hours per week (additional evening and weekend classes and rehearsals as necessary)

Monday-Thursday 4:00-7:15

* Friday 4:00-6:00

* Program to include:

     Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, PBT, Pointe, Lyrical, Jazz, Partnering

     Conditioning and more

* Perform in Christmas Show

* Perform in Winter Show

* Perform in Recital

* Perform in Showcase

Summer Requirements: This program requires each dancer to complete 4 weeks of summer intensives. (Must attend AABD intensive if staying local - Level 8 dancers may travel out of state to intensives)


To provide the most personalized experience, the Pre-Professional Ballet begins to refine artistry and ballet technique. Ballet theory, vocabulary, dance history, more advanced pointe work, variations, and partnering are added. Classes incorporate all traditional exercises with floor, barre, and center work. Students must have 3 years of previous experience with at least 1 years of pointe work. Students receive a daily ballet class with additional rotating training to include Partnering,Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern, Pointe, Jazz, and Progressive Ballet Technique, Conditioning

* Dancers may add Tap and/or Hip Hop to their schedule. Tuition for those classes will be 50% off published class fee.

* Show fees additional


Discounted Monthly Cost $450

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Please email the office if you are interested in pursing the Pre-Professional Path at AABD 

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