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Performance Day -  Saturday, June 19 , 2021

* All dancers - please arrive at Theater - dressed in pink tights, and warm up leotards with hair and make-up complete.  Please use long-wearing lipstick that does not need to be reapplied. 
   *  Dancers are to be dropped off at the Backstage door. 
   *  Masks are required at all times inside the venue 
   *  Dancers will exit this same door they entered. Dancers will not be allowed to enter or         exit through the lobby
   *  Parents will not be allowed in the building until 20-30 minutes prior to show time
   *  Remember to arrive on time
   *  No flash photography or video allowed during the production

* Arrival Times
Everyone enters @ Backstage Door on Polytechnique Lane

       Ballet Academy 12:45 pm
       Grades 4 and Up 1:00 pm
       Grades K/1 1:00 pm
       Grades 2/3  1:15 pm
       Leap 'N Learn 1:15 pm 

Backstage Door - From I-75 Left on Rossbacher Way, SE, turn Right onto Polytechnique Lane and you will be at the back of the theater and stage door on the left side. Look for AABD Staff.

* Departure Time 
    * If your dancer is only assigned to the first show. Please pick up your dancer immediately following the show. Pick up at Backstage Door.
    * If your dancer is participating in both shows (2:30 and 4:45), your Dancer will not be allowed to leave the theater between shows.
    * Dancers will be dismissed immediately following the the second show.  Dancers will exit the same door they entered.  Dancers may not leave via the lobby.      

Other Important items to know:

*  All dancers and volunteers MUST wear a mask at all times in all areas of the building. Dancers do not have to wear masks while performing at this time, BUT that is subject to change. In the event masks will be required for performing, “Nude” color masks will be needed. They can be purchased at DanceMax Dance Wear on Canton Rd. in Marietta. 
*   Dancers participating in both shows may bring snacks.
*   NO FOOD or DRINKS (except water) allowed in dressing rooms or lobby. There is an eating area where an instructor will take the dancers.
*   Keep rooms clean and tidy. Please leave rooms better than when you arrived.
*   Younger dancers, please bring some quiet games to play with your friends.
*   ALL DANCERS must label ALL their belongings, including leotards, tights, and shoes..
*   No large rolling bags or oversized suitcases in the dressing rooms.
*   No undergarments are to be worn under tights or costumes of any age level.
*   NO parents in dressing rooms or backstage.

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