Tuition and Fees

The annual registration fee of $50 per dancer and the first month's tuition are due at the time of registration and will be charged to the card on file, both of which are non-refundable. This registration fee includes either a uniform Leotard or Dance Shirt. You may register at any time during the season as long as space remains available. A portion of the registration fee for one dancer ($25) is waived for active duty and retired military families.  Thank you for your service! Our fall classes are smaller due to COVID-19.  In the event classes need to be limited further, the class roster will be based on the date of original enrollment.

  Class                       Class

 Length                  Monthly Fee  

0.50 Hour Class               $ 45.00

0.75 Hour Class               $ 55.00

1.00 Hour Class               $ 65.00

1.25 Hour Class               $ 75.00

1.50 Hour Class               $ 85.00




1st Class                       Full Price

2nd Class & Above    30% Discount

Sibling Discount         10% Discount

 (2nd Dancer and above)

Tuition Max

Per Student/Month      $360.00

(Does not included

Ballet Academy)

Virtual Classes               No Discounts

Example Monthly Tuition

Class     Length    Tuition   Discount  Total    

Ballet     1.50 Hr    $85.00   $0.00      $85.00

                                        (Full Price)


Theater  1.00 Hr    $65.00  $19.50    $45.50


PBT       0.75 Hr     $55.00  $16.50    $38.50

             3.25 Hrs                  (30%)   $169.00 


Example Monthly Tuition -Sibling

Class     Length   Tuition   Discount 10%  Total    

Dancer 1

Ballet      1.50 Hr   $85.00    $0.00       -     $85.00

                                        (Full Price)


  Theater 1.00 Hr   $65.00   $19.50      -      $45.50


PBT         0.75 Hr   $55.00   $16.50      -      $38.50


               3.25 Hrs                                        $169.00 

Dancer 2 - Sibling                              10%

Ballet      1.50 Hr   $85.00    $0.00    $8.50  $76.50

                                        (Full Price)


  Theater 1.00 Hr   $65.00   $19.50   $4.55  $40.95


PBT         0.75 Hr   $55.00   $16.50   $3.85  $34.65


               3.25 Hrs                                         $152.10

Please Note: Tuition for virtual classes do not receive any additional discounts, prices are as listed.

Paying Your Bill

Parents will receive a statement on or about the 20th of each month. You can access your account and statement at anytime through our Parent Portal.   Payment is due not later than 1st of each month, whether you receive a statement or not. All accounts are set to monthly Auto-Debit as method of payment; however you do have a few options to pay your bill PRIOR to monthly auto-debit.

  1. Pay Online – Parent Portal – Login to your Parent Portal to make a payment before the 1st of the month. Credit Cards Only (Mastercard, Visa and Discover). If payment has not been received by midnight of the 1st, your credit card on file will be charged.

  2. Tuition Drop Box – AABD Lobby – There is a locked tuition box in the lobby, you may place your tuition in the drop by studio closing time on the 1st of the Month. Please make sure your check has the student’s name indicated. If paying by cash – please place the money in a sealed envelope prior to placing it in the drop box. Again, please indicate the student’s name. If payment has not been received by midnight of the 1st, your credit card on file will be charged.

  3. Monthly Auto-Debit – For your convenience we also have a monthly auto-debit program. On the 2nd of the month, AABD will Auto-Debit the card on file for the account balance (tuition, show fees, pictures, merchandise, lunches, rentals or any other ancillary fees).


If account balance has NOT been paid by midnight of the 1st, your balance will be auto-debited with the card on file.

Late Fees

AABD charges a $30 late fee on accounts that are not current as of the 15th of the month. AABD has the right to require a student to observe class and not participate, if the account is delinquent.

May Payments

May is your final payment for the Fall/Spring season.  AABD has the right to prohibit a student from participating in the recital if the account is past due.


Production and Recital Fees

AABD offers numerous opportunities for your student to gain performance experience.  The Christmas production is open to all AABD students, auditions will be announced. Each year the Pre-Professional Ballet Academy dancers present a full-length classical ballet.


Performance opportunities for this show are available to all AABD students by audition. The culminating performance of the season is our Recital! Students prepare throughout the year to highlight and share their skills in this annual production Participation is optional; however, we encourage all students to take advantage of this wonderful performance opportunity.

Below are the fees associated with each of AABD’s productions.

Christmas Show Fees

1 Role           $  70.00

2 Roles         $120.00

3 Roles         $150.00


Billed August 20th and due not later than October 1st

 * Fees are non-refundable and include costume rental, rehearsal fees and digital 

   download of all shows

Ballet Academy Classical Ballet Fees *  

Class/Age 10 and up                         $ 70.00

Ballet Academy                                 $ 70.00

Billed December 20th and due not later than January 1st

* Fees are non-refundable and include costume rental, rehearsal fees and digital

   download of all shows

Recital Fees *

Production Fee**/All Students            $ 45.00

Ballet Costume fee                             $ 75.00

Costume Rental/

each non-ballet class                         $ 10.00


Billed October 20th and due not later than November 1st

*   Fees are non-refundable and include ballet costume purchase, costume rental, rehearsal

    fees and digital download of all shows

** Production fee helps cover the cost of the theater, backdrops, props, programs, teacher’s

    time on day of recital, and digital media